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Dongmyeong unit provides $9,000 worth of medical support and tre...

Dongmyeong unit provides $9,000 worth of medical support and treats 70,000 patients 


Dongmyeong unit, marking the seventh anniversary of dispatch to Lebanon, has set a milestone in that it has provided medical support for 70,000 local residents.


Recently, there was a celebration for treating 70,000 patients participated in by local leaders, Red Cross officials in Lebanon and 150 local residents.

The unit gave 10 items of medical equipment worth $9,000 worth including a defibrillator and an oxygen inhaler to the Tir Red Cross in Lebanon, and a get-well bouquet, medical supplies and dietary supplements to Najib Hasan Ahun, 55, the 70,000th patient, at the event. 


“I hope that the medical support the Dongmyeong unit is providing can not only improve the quality of residents’ life but also become the foundation that makes diplomatic relations between Korea and Lebanon more friendly and reliable,” said Korea’s Lebanon ambassador Choi Jong-il.


The unit has been providing humanitarian medical support for people of five villages in Tir City, southern state of Lebanon, the unit’s area of responsibility, as well as for Syrian refugees who poured into this region.

In addition, a medical team consisting of three army doctors and two army nurses has taken care of local residents‘ health by going around each village every day to provide medical service and offering 24-hour standby medical support.

Captain Oh Su-mi, a nursing officer of the Dongmyeong unit, said that she was impressed when one old lady who received treatment said, “God bless you”, kissing her forehead.


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