Defense Policy

Veteran’s care and memorialization Project

Paying ptoper respect and Compensation to veterans
The government intends to apply a more systematic process of providing compensation and honoring our martyred veterans as part of fulfilling Korea's national responsibility. Moreover, it is engaging in efforts to recover the remains of the fallen during the Korean War.

Fulfilling our responsibility of paying proper respect to the spirit of our patriotic forefathers

Seoul National Cemetery

  • Seoul National Cemetery is a sanctuary for the remains of martyrs, patriots and departed war heroes.
  • It is divided into sections according to the position of the deceased, such as head of state, patriot, person of national merit, officer and police officer.
  • Main tasks
    • Chunghondang burial service: When the need for burial arises
    • Memorial day tribute
    • Visiting student’s guided tour: Educate our youth on the spirit of our patriotic forefathers
    • Photo and article exhibition hall to display artifacts of our forefathers 
  • Eligible persons for burial
    • Persons who held the position of president, chairman, chief justice, constitutional court judge, and/or who were given a state funeral.
    • Departed patriots, persons with distinguished military achievements and contributions to the nation, etc.

MND Agency for KIA Recovery and Identification (MAKRI)

  • MAKRI has been engaged in a project to locate the remains of the patriots who sacrificed themselves for our country during the 6·25 Korean War, and return them to the bosom of their motherland or to their families.
  • MND's agency MAKRI was established in January of 2007, has operated as a specilized agency for recovery operation comprised of 2 departments (Surver-recovery, Operation support), 1 Center(Identity Check), 1 Battalion(support) and approximately 300 agents.
  • The recovery operation for the 6·25 Korean War dead consists of 4 steps: search and exploration – recovery and collection – identification – follow-up (transfer to the family of the deceased, or burial in the National Cemetery). As of December 24. 2020, 12,592 remains have been recovered, and 157 have been transferred to their family members after an identification process.
  • Over time, the recovery operation project is becoming more and more difficult due to a number of factors, such as the aging of family members and regional development, among others. However MAKRI remains dedicated to its mission, as a means of fulfilling our nation's final obligations to these patriots.
  • Current status of the recovery (as of Dem, 2019) [Unit : body]

Current status of the recovery (as of December 24. 2020) [Unit : body]   

Classification Total Before 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Current status 125,92 4,153 1,438 1,388 1,040 737 914 623 434 436 357 558


* Possible modifications after detail identification