About MND


Minister of
Office of
the Minister
  • Policy Management Division
  • Protocol Division
Office of
  • Public Affairs Division
  • Public Relations Division
  • Digital Media Communication Team
Policy Adviser to
Office of Defense Reform
Military Structure Reform Bureau
  • Military Force Structure Reform Division
  • Command and Force Structure Reform Division
Defense Management Reform Bureau
  • Personnel and Education Reform Division
  • Resource Management Reform Division
Vice Minister
of National
General Counsel Bureau
  • Legal Affairs Division
  • Legislation and Regulatory Reform Division
  • Human Rights Division
Inspection Bureau
  • Duty Inspection Division
  • Financial Inspection Division
  • Logistics Inspection Division
  • Defense Civil Service Center
General Services Division
Office of Planning and Coordination
Planning and Management Bureau
  • Planning and Coordination Division
  • Organization Planning Division
  • Organization Management Division
  • Management Innovation Division
Programming and Budgeting Bureau
  • Programming and Budgeting Division
  • Personnel Operation Budgeting Division
  • Force Maintenance Budgeting Division
  • Fiscal Accounting Division
Information Planning Bureau
  • Information Planning Division
  • Software Convergence Policy Division
  • Information Infrastructure Division
  • Cyber Policy Division
  • Cyber Threat Response and Technology Team
Office of National Defense Policy
Policy Planning Bureau
  • Policy Planning Division
  • Defense Policy Division
  • North Korea Policy Division
  • Education and Training Policy Division
  • Spiritual Force and Cultural Affairs Policy Division
  • Arms Control and Nonproliferation Policy Division
International Policy Bureau
  • International Policy Division
  • US Policy Division
  • Northeast Asia Policy Division
  • International Peace Cooperation Division
  • Multilateral Security Policy Division
Defense Policy Bureau
  • Defense Policy Division
  • Nuclear Policy Division
  • Missile and Space Policy Division
  • Cyber and Electromagnetic Policy Division
Office of Personnel and Welfare
Personnel Planning Bureau
  • Personnel Planning and Management Division
  • Manpower Policy Division
  • Military Service Policy Division
  • Human Resource Development Division
  • Chaplain Policy Division
  • Military Civilian Employee Policy Division
  • Military Service Culture Innovation Team
Mobilization Planning Bureau
  • Mobilization Planning Division
  • Resource Mobilization Division
  • Reserve Forces Division
Health and Welfare Bureau
  • Welfare Policy Division
  • Defense Employment Policy Division
  • Health Policy Division
  • Military Pension Management Division
  • Gender Equality Policy Division
Office of Military Force and Resources Management
Logistics Management Bureau
  • Logistics Planning Division
  • Weapon and Equipment Management Division
  • Ammunitions Management Division
  • Material Management Division
  • Logistics Life Cycle Management Division
  • Disaster Management and Support Division
Military Installations Planning Bureau
  • Installation Planning Division
  • Installation System and Technology Division
  • Construction Management Division
  • Military Construction Project Division
  • Government Properties Division
  • Environment Coordination Team
Military Force Policy Bureau
  • Military Force Policy Division
  • Military Force Control and Evaluation Division
  • Military Force Programming Division
Military Airbase Relocation Bureau
  • Relocation Planning Division
  • Relocation Project Division
  • Relocation Cooperation Division