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Korean unit helps a child recover his hearing


Korean unit helps a child recover his hearing


A local hearing-impaired child got back his sound thanks to a hearing aid provided by the Dongmyeong unit carrying out its PKO mission successfully in Lebanon.


Colonel Jung Hae-il, Commander of the Dongmyeong unit, recently delivered $2,000 worth of hearing aids to a 26-month-old boy named Gida Muhammad Al Ali in Bruglia village, Tir City. Al Ali had undergone several major surgical operations in the first 15 days after he was born, but after getting an inflammation in the middle ear, he lost his hearing.


The Mayor of Bruglia heard the sad story of Al Ali whose family circumstances were not sufficient to buy a hearing aid and officially asked the Dongmyeong unit for help, and the unit complied with the Mayor’s request.


The hearing aid Al Ali was given allows him to recover up to 90 percent of his hearing, thus, there will be no major difficulties in daily life.


Hayat Ali Kasim, the mother of Al Ali, expressed her gratitude, saying that her boy could not hear nor learn to talk properly but the Dongmyeong unit brought a bright future to her child as well as hope for her family.


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