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Soldiers' enthusiasm and resilience qualify them, says Defense Ministry

Attendance at a job fair for soldiers


Providing support for former military personnel's transition to civilian life

About 200 noteworthy companies and institutions took part

On-site interviews raised recruitment rate


The Presidential Security Service, National Fire Agency, National Police Agency, and others are supplying tailored guidance to optimize military careers


More soldiers took part, compared to previous years, due to institutional arrangements such as official trips, emergency leave for job search, and personal leave



The Soldiers Job Fair for the first half of 2023 commences with an opening address from Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup.


The issue of youth employment is no longer solely an individual concern, but a social issue that requires improvement in social structures, systems, and collective efforts from the government, businesses, and individuals. It is essential to address the employment of young retired soldiers who have dedicated themselves to protecting the nation. Neglecting the concerns of these soldiers about their careers can negatively affect combat strength, which goes beyond individual consequences. The Ministry of National Defense is fully committed to supporting the transition of young soldiers, and the Soldiers Job Fair for the first half of 2023 is an example of their efforts. The fair, which runs until April 19, provides a range of job opportunities, as many institutions and businesses conducted on-site interviews to recruit candidates. Additionally, transition assistance programs, including recruitment presentations and AI mock interviews, are available to help soldiers enter the job market. Written by Lim Chae-mu, photo by Cho Jong-won.


The Presidential Security Service seeks individuals who are strongly dedicated to serving the president and the country, even at personal cost. Any soldier who fulfills their military duties dutifully is eligible." (recruiting officer, Presidential Security Service)


As part of the fair programs, a recruitment seminar arranged by the Presidential Security Service occurred in KINTEX Hall 10 Seminar A building, Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the morning of April 18. The presentation is a rare and well-attended event, and the hall was filled with soldiers, with some standing due to the high turnout.


Soldiers inquired about all aspects of recruitment by the Presidential Security Office, and when a recruiting officer provided suggestions, the attendees diligently took notes.


First Lieutenant Choi of the Army 8th Infantry Division, who sat in the front row, shared, "When I retire, I aspire to secure a job that aligns with my background as a military police officer. As the Presidential Security Service, my desired employer, organized a recruitment seminar, I chose to attend the fair. I believe this event is an excellent opportunity for me to obtain unique information and get answers to all my inquiries in one place.


An outstanding characteristic of this job fair is the participation of institutions that value soldiers' military experience and abilities, including the Presidential Security Service, National Fire Agency, and National Police Agency, who provided job information. Furthermore, numerous companies favored by junior officers are offering quality positions by establishing industry-specific pavilions for the first time.


An officer at the Coupang booth, which attracted many soldiers, stated, "We provide employment opportunities that enable servicemen and women to utilize their military experience, and soldiers' passion and determination to overcome obstacles are adequate qualifications.



On April 18, soldiers attended the Soldier Job Fair for the first half of 2023 at KINTEX in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, where they obtained information, took part in consultations, and visited company booths.

Soldiers filled KINTEX Hall 10, including some officers who wore casual suits instead of military uniforms for on-site interviews.


Another unique feature of this fair was the inclusion of more companies offering on-site interviews, which increased the recruitment rate. Soldiers waited anxiously in front of the booths for their chance to interview. After completing the interviews, many displayed both disappointment and contentment on their faces.


Sergeant First Class Bae of the Marine Corps commented, "The simplified hiring process and the possibility of a formal interview are the benefits of on-site interviews, and I plan to utilize this excellent opportunity to the fullest.”


On-site interviews were available for individuals who passed online document evaluations. Certain companies accepted applications in person and conducted interviews right away. Those who were still undecided about their career path received job information from various booths. Recruiting personnel from companies provided a detailed description of the skills they were seeking and corporate objectives to offer as much information as possible to potential applicants.


The AI and VR interview experience booths provided an indirect interview process, where soldiers answered questions posed by AI interviewers displayed on a monitor while wearing VR equipment.


The combined efforts of the government, private sector, and military to support soldiers' employment resulted in over 200 companies and institutions participating in this job fair. Strengthening significant support to assist retired soldiers in smoothly transitioning to civilian life is one of the government's primary administrative objectives.


The Defense Ministry's institutional support for soldier participation resulted in significantly higher attendance at the fair compared to previous years. Commanders authorized officers who will retire this year to attend the job fair on official business trips. Those who were not retiring were permitted to take personal leave or guide fellow soldiers to the fair.


Soldiers were urged to apply for job search special leave, which permits those who have fulfilled over half of their compulsory service period to take up to two days off for job-related purposes, such as attending recruitment events, receiving employment consultations, or participating in recruitment assessments while still in service. However, the guidelines of relevant units, such as commands or divisions, must be adhered to when utilizing job search special leave.


Moreover, the Defense Ministry is employing a participation confirmation system, known as the task performance card, to incentivize soldiers to take part in recruitment events. After completing designated tasks, participants must obtain a verification stamp from officers at the Defense Ministry booth on a participation confirmation sheet provided upon entering the fair. Participation is only verified with the confirmation stamp.


According to a Defense Ministry representative, "We organized the job fair for soldiers with the goal of facilitating a smooth transition into civilian life after retirement. We genuinely hope that this event will be a valuable opportunity that benefits both soldiers and companies alike.


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