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Manned-unmanned complex combat system forum held

The Defense Ministry hosted the First Defense DnA Forum in 2023

The development methods for unmanned systems need to be standardized


Manned-unmanned complex combat system forum held

The 2023 First Defense DnA Forum, hosted by the Office of Defense Reform of the Ministry of National Defense, took place on April 14 at the Army Club in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Director Yu Mu-bong of Defense Reform and other participants took a commemorative photo at the event. Reported by Kim Byeong-mun


A group of experts from private companies, the government, and the military assembled to develop an effective manned-unmanned combat system as a component of Defense Innovation 4.0.


The 2023 First Defense DnA (Defense and AI) Forum, organized by Director Yu Mu-bong of Defense Reform of the Defense Ministry, was held at the Army Club in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on April 14. The forum, which includes experts from the private sector, government, and military, serves as a consultative body that gathers technical and policy suggestions and enhances communication among sectors to create an AI-based manned-unmanned complex combat system.


Around 120 attendees including representatives from the Defense Ministry, Joint Chiefs of Staff, military branches, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, Agency for Defense Development, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, Korea Research Institute for Defense Technology Planning and Advancement, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, defense companies, academics, and universities participated in the forum, which focused on the efficient operation and securing of a manned-unmanned complex combat system.


Director Kang Wang-gu of the Unmanned Vehicle Advanced Research Center at the Korea Aerospace Research Institute discussed a study on defense policy aimed at building an effective manned-unmanned complex combat system. Additionally, Director Kim Jong-hee of the AI Autonomy Center at the ADD presented on "Ways of commonizing unmanned system platforms and modularizing on-board equipment," followed by a panel discussion with experts.


Director Kang presented the future research directions, which include creating a shared architecture to establish an ecosystem for efficient development and operation of unmanned systems, increasing the use of small drones that are quick and cost-effective, and implementing methods to enhance the system.


Director Kim of the ADD stated that with technological advancements, there will be multiple types of unmanned systems used in combat operations. In order to efficiently secure and operate a manned-unmanned complex combat system, standardized development methods for unmanned systems are needed.


Director Yu Mu-bong of the Office of Defense Reform of Defense Ministry stated that in order to build a highly advanced manned-unmanned complex combat system as part of Defense Innovation 4.0, it is crucial to consider the commonization and modularization of unmanned defense systems, and to apply standardized technology. He added that it is necessary to collect input from industries, universities, and research institutes to assess the scope and impact of standardized technology application, and to address security concerns from multiple angles.

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