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Minister Lee Jong-sup, “Build a robust navy to realize peace by strength”

The first ship of the Ulsan-class Batch-III, named Chungnam, has been launched

Minister Lee Jong-sup stressed the importance of a S&T-based robust military

A warship constructed based on the integration of domestic defense science and technologies

Minister Lee Jong-sup, “Build a robust navy to rea


Je Mi-young, the wife of Minister Lee Jong-sup and ceremony sponsor, used a hand ax to cut the rope tethering the Chungnam ship to the dock during the launch ceremony at HD Hyundai in Ulsan Metropolitan City on April 10. Reported by Yang Dong-uk


Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup stated that the military will safeguard marine security and defend national interests by establishing a robust naval force to achieve peace through strength.


At the launch ceremony of the lead ship of Ulsan-class Batch III, Chungnam, held on April 10 at HD Hyundai in Ulsan City, Minister Lee emphasized this commitment in his congratulatory remarks.


Minister Lee Jong-sup stated that the Chungnam frigate is being reborn as an advanced vessel after 32 years of defending Korea's seas as a first-generation domestically made warship. The ship served as a benchmark for all naval vessels before being retired in 2017 and was instrumental in developing the combat strength of the ROK Navy.


Minister Lee further stated that the Chungnam ship had an illustrious history, including being the first vessel to undertake the Navy’s cruise training, navigating the Suez Canal, and circumnavigating the globe to promote the ROK Navy's development. He added that it was significant to see the proud history of the ship being revived once again.


Minister Lee emphasized the significance of maritime defense and highlighted that the military is constructing a robust navy that is based on science and technology.


Minister Lee highlighted the importance of the ocean to Korea's economy, with almost all imports and exports being transported through it. He emphasized that the ocean is not only critical to national security but also to daily life. In this regard, the military is building a robust navy to ensure marine security and defend national interests, thereby achieving peace through strength. Minister Lee also stressed the significance of a science and technology-based military, including an AI-based marine manned-unmanned combat system and a marine-based maneuverable 3K system, based on defense innovation.


Minister Lee further mentioned that the Chungnam ship launched on that day is a warship constructed using all of Korea's defense science technologies, with the ability to detect and track air targets significantly enhanced by installing an Integrated Sensor Mast (ISM) developed using local technology for the first time. The Chungnam serves as a prime instance of a powerful science and technology-based military and provides a sturdy foundation for a robust naval force. He also stated that the Navy would improve practical exercises and maximize the "never losing a battle" fighting spirit to allow Chungnam to take the helm of the naval fleet.


In conclusion, Minister Lee expressed his sincere gratitude to the sailors who work tirelessly to defend the country, even in the midst of harsh conditions at sea. He also stated that the Defense Ministry would strive to improve their service conditions to ensure their dedication to their duties.


A representative from the Navy stated that the Chungnam will be deployed to the Second Fleet, substantially increasing the combat strength of the fleet and contributing to the dominant superiority of the Republic of Korea Navy in the West Sea. The ship will strike fear in the enemy while reassuring the Korean people, sailing confidently through turbulent waters.

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