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Regular Defense Ministerial Council to be established between Korea and Poland

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup holds meeting with Minister Mariusz Blaszczak

Talked about prospects of forward-looking defense and defense industry collaboration

Mutually decided to conduct alternating military exercises in both countries

South Korea to play a significant role in Poland's defense industry exposition this year

On February 23rd (local time), Minister Lee Jong-s

On February 23rd (local time), Minister Lee Jong-sup of Defense (far right) held a meeting with Mariusz Blaszczak (far left), the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense of Poland, at the headquarters of Poland's national defense.

Korean and Polish defense officials have reached an agreement to establish a regular ministerial council to oversee and coordinate their defense and defense industry collaboration. Additionally, the two countries have decided to conduct joint military exercises, and South Korea will play a significant role in Poland's international defense industry exposition this year.


On February 23rd (local time), Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup had a meeting with Mariusz Blaszczak, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense of Poland. The Ministry of National Defense released a statement on February 24th, stating that the two officials discussed the security situations in Europe and the Korean Peninsula, as well as exploring opportunities for defense and defense industry collaboration between the two nations.


During the meeting, the discussions centered on the expansion and strengthening of the bilateral strategic partnership between South Korea and Poland, as agreed upon at a summit meeting last June. The officials exchanged views on potential opportunities for future-oriented defense and defense industry cooperation between the two nations.


The two defense ministers evaluated the positive impact of last year's large-scale defense export contract signing and delivery of the initial batch of products. They acknowledged that Poland was able to reinforce and modernize its forces, while Korea was able to generate growth momentum in its defense industry. The ministers agreed to implement necessary measures based on the solid trust established between the two countries.


They talked about specific measures to enhance cooperation in the broader defense sector and the defense industry. They reached an agreement to set up regular ministerial meetings to manage defense and defense industry cooperation in a systematic manner, and agreed to hold discussions soon on the specifics of organizing the council.


The two countries also reached an agreement that soldiers from both sides, as they use the same weapons systems, can participate in joint military exercises to enhance their experience in operating the weapon systems and improve interoperability. Additionally, Korea will play a major role in the international defense industry exhibition scheduled to take place in Poland in the latter half of this year, to showcase the excellence of its defense industry.


Moreover, Minister Lee and Minister Blaszczak agreed on various matters such as providing assistance to Ukraine and acknowledging the endeavors of the Korean government and the global community towards promoting peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.


Minister Blaszczak expressed gratitude for the cooperation with the ROK military which allowed them to promptly start their military modernization project. He also stated that they will continue to adopt Korean weapons systems and anticipate long-term strategic cooperation. Meanwhile, Minister Lee proposed a mutually beneficial defense and defense industry cooperation model, including the development of Polish defense industry technology and creating opportunities for Korea to enter the European defense market.


During a media briefing after the meeting, Minister Lee expressed his hopes for a close relationship between Korea and Poland based on mutual trust, as both countries share universal values such as freedom, human rights, and constitutionalism, and have common goals such as peace and prosperity.


Subsequently, Minister Lee and Minister Blaszczak visited a firing range in Torun, Poland to observe a shooting exercise with K9 self-propelled howitzers, and participated in a signing ceremony for a consortium framework agreement between companies from Korea and Poland for the second agreement to carry out the production of K2 tanks and K9 howitzers.

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