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The Philippines’ Defense Chief of Staff, Bautista


The Philippines’ Defense Chief of Staff, Bautista




It belatedly become known that the Philippine government awarded medals to all the officers and men of the Araw unit who are working on recovery after damage from the typhoon.

The joint chiefs of staff said on May 11 that the Philippines’ Defense Chief of Staff, General Emmanuel Bautista, visited the Araw unit’s camp with his 20 companies including local division commanders and presented medals, the medal of merit for a civil military operation, to all the Araw soldiers on May 3 as an expression of his appreciation.

“My father was in the Korean War serving as a Second Lieutenant and that makes me feel very close to Korea,” said Chief of Staff Bautista after draping them with medals one by one.

He also said that the unit has made a great contribution toward relieving the pains of residents living in the damaged area as well as completing missions successfully like the restoration of schools when he was touring the civil site, such as a vocational school the unit is operating.

This civil medal awarded to the soldiers is the first case in which the Philippine government has given a medal to all the members of a foreign unit.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Choi Yun-hee sent an appreciative letter to Chief of Staff Bautista on May 9, saying that he was grateful for the presentation of medals to and encouragement for the soldiers of the Araw unit, and Korea also actively participated in disaster recovery to share the Philippines’ suffering due to typhoon Haiyan.


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