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Korea and the U.S. widen their exchange and cooperation of milit...


Korea and the U.S. widen their exchange and cooperation of military supplies


About 10 officers of AFMC (Air Force Material Command), corresponding to our AFLC (Air Force Logistics Command), including Lieutenant General Janet Wolfenbarger and Major General Haward Baker Ogden visited AFLC on May 13 to strengthen logistics cooperation between the Air Forces of Korea and the U.S. as well as to discuss smooth mutual support plans.

The Korean and U.S. Air Forces have a time to broaden the mutual understanding of both countries‘ logistics and discuss cooperation in the field of logistics such as logistical support for 2014 Red Flag Alaska training and the foreign military sales project, a method to provide military supplies at a cost by means of foreign payment or credit fund, according to an intergovernmental contract between the U.S. government and allies or international organizations.


Logistics commander Hong Wan-pyo, 29th air cadet, welcomed these U.S. officers, saying that there has been continuous information sharing and logistics cooperation with AFLC through TCG (Technical Coordination Group) and a supply support arrangement meeting, and the regular officer-level exchange could be helpful in strengthening cooperation for logistical pending issues that are not solved yet at the meeting.


Lieutenant General Wolfenbarger said, “I’m thankful to have an opportunity to understand Korean logistic tasks as well as confirm the importance of the Korea-U.S. alliance. I’ll do my best to make varied logistics cooperation smoother between both air forces including parts supply for deteriorated models such as F-5 or F-4.”


Both the Korean and U.S. officers in command will continue the mutual exchange and strengthen exchange and cooperation of various logistics such as ammunition and supply of repair parts, technical support, etc.


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