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“KR/FE, an annual combined exercise between Korea and the U.S. a...

“KR/FE, an annual combined exercise between Korea and the U.S. at a defense level”

With regard to the current nuclear-related mention North Korea has made, MND made its position clear that the KR/FE exercise was an annual combined exercise at a defense level that has been conducted since 2002. Prior to this, North Korea once used this KR/FE exercise as a justification for rejecting the meeting of separated families and threatened us with a full-scale war, blaming it for invading North Korea and scheming nuclear war.


MND Spokesman Kim Min-seok said, “A humanitarian meeting event of separated families has nothing to do with the Korea-U.S. combined exercise that North Korea brought up. It is time for North Korea to show its sincerity to improve South-North relations with actions, not words. Also, the Korea-U.S. alliance will not be intimidated by nuclear menaces coming from North Korea.


If they commit any provocation using our normal activities as an excuse, we are going to respond firmly and ruthlessly and suppress them in one sweep with the Korea-U.S. alliance forces.”Moreover, MND is planning to hold the high-level EDPC-TTX for two days, on January 14-15, to discuss countermeasures against a nuclear and WMD threat from North Korea.


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