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Completed support of search operation for missing Malaysian airp...


Completed support of search operation for missing Malaysian airplane


Korea maritime search support unit with the Navy’s P-3C maritime patrol aircraft that was thrown into the search and rescue operation for the missing Malaysian  airplane has finished its mission and returned to headquarters on May 2.


At Pohang base, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the 6th Air Wing welcomed sailors of the P-3C who completed their mission safely. One of the support unit with the Navy’s maritime patrol aircraft, C-130 transport plane made an early return on the 11th of last month. This terminated all the missions of the support unit.


Return of the maritime patrol aircraft took place as the prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, on April 28, decided to focus on a bottom search for the missing Malaysian airplane.


Our unit had carried out the mission since March 16, the day after the unit arrived at Subang base in Malaysia. It searched around western Malaysia’s coast until the 24th of the same month, then focused on western Australia’s since being rearranged the next day.


The maritime search support unit had a record 27 sorties in 48 days and found floating matter suspected to be the missing airplane several times. The prime ministers of Australia and Malaysia visited Pierce base on April 3 and thanked the unit. 


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