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MND-ICRC International humanitarian law workshop for military ju...

MND-ICRC International humanitarian law workshop for military judicial officers



MND and ICRC held a three-day joint workshop for international humanitarian law aimed at military judicial officers, from April 23-25. The workshop was to improve expertise regarding international humanitarian law for MND, the joint chiefs of staff, military judicial officers of the armed forces who take charge of actual operations law in the field.

The military judicial officers and international humanitarian law experts of ICRC discussed main subjects of the law, such as occupation, hostile acts, and countermeasures when civilians take a hostile action, as well as international humanitarian considerations when establishing operation plans.

Through the discussion, in particular, about the role theory of the military judicial officers during an armed conflict, they searched plans for raising lawfulness of military operations, and in this context, had a time for listening to the manager of operations law, the 8th U.S. Army, about a case study of American officers.

“The Korean army is expanding its radius of operation world-wide to contribute to regional stability and world peace. It is a very important task to conduct operations legally, complying with the international humanitarian law,” said the judicial affairs official, Im Cheon-young.


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