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Australian military visitors, saying 'Good’' repeatedly during d...


Australian military visitors, saying "Good’" repeatedly during demonstration of domestic weapon system



The artillery brigade of 6th Army force has proudly displayed our military’s splendor to Australian military visitors.


The brigade performed a demonstration of the firing of domestic weapon systems, such as K-9 self-propelled artillery, K-10 ammunition carrier and K-21 armored vehicle, for the visitors, including the chief of staff of the Australian army, at Yeoncheon artillery training camp on March 13.


Related to the self-propelled artillery project in Australia, the firing demonstration was conducted in an attempt to introduce a high-tech weapon system of Korea as well as to expand cooperation between both countries.


As showing Shoot & Scoot which assures survivability through rapid displacement after the firing as well as quick firing going off three times within 15 seconds, the brigade demonstrated its high-powered firepower and excellent ability guaranteeing the survivability of our warfighters at the same time.


Moreover, the 6th corps introduced a K-10 ammunition carrier, which supplies ammunition and charges to the K-9 self-propelled artillery, and K-77 fire direction center vehicle equipped with a high-tech direction system, and the 21st division, K-21 infantry fighting vehicle boasting world-class firepower and defensive strength.


“We could show off the excellence of our own domestic weapon system again through this firing demonstration,” said the chief of staff for testing and evaluation, Army headquarters, after the demonstration.


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