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“Korean Army’s recovery support with sincerity”


“Korean Army’s recovery support with sincerity”




Leopolodo Dominico, the governor of Leyte, The Philippines, met Republic of Korean Ambassador Lee Hyuk and expressed his gratitude, saying that the Korean Army was the only country's forces that still remained and sincerely supports the restoration work."


“Ambassador Lee passed along Governor Dominico’s gratitude and his hope that Korea continuously dispatches troops to the Philippines for the next two years until the restoration is done, when he visited the unit to check the current state of restoration and listened to the local governor and mayor regarding the dispatch activity,” said the Araw unit on March 10.


Ambassador Lee said, “I often receive many thanks from important figures of The Philippines stating that the Araw unit gives the light of hope around areas damaged by the typhoon. As a military diplomat with Teageukgi in my heart, I will support all who increase our prestige as much as possible.”


In just a two-month dispatch period, the unit gave medical treatment to more than 5,000 local residents, and fully recovered nine facilities in total including two houses for 6·25 Korean War veterans, five schools, and one hospital and nursing school. With these all relief operations, Korea is evaluated as the only country that supports with sincerity from the Philippine government and people and as a new model of restoration support from several international organizations including the UN.


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