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“Unification of Korean peninsula is a growth engine for Eurasia”...


“Unification of Korean peninsula is a growth engine for Eurasia” … Korea-Mongolia Vice Minister of Defense Meeting



Vice Minister of MND Baek Seung-joo met the Vice Minister of Mongolia Defense, Battur Avirmid, in Seoul on March 5 to enter into a transfer agreement of disused engineering equipment to Mongolia, and discussed plans for strengthening national defense cooperation between both countries.


At this Korea-Mongolia Vice Minister of Defense Meeting, Vice Minister Baek introduced the "Korean Peninsula Trust Process" policy and "Unification Bonanza" from President Park Geun-hye, emphasizing that the unification of the Korean Peninsula would be a growth engine for the entire Eurasia beyond a simple state of overcoming the division as well as a great help for Mongolia. Vice Minister Battur also expressed his understanding and sympathy for Baek’s statement and delivered an official letter suggesting a reciprocal visit of bilateral Defense Ministers.


Moreover, the two vice ministers signed the agreement that we hand over a total of 15 in 10 types of disused engineering equipment to Mongolia such as excavators, bulldozers and cranes at the level of development of comprehensive partnership and improvement of fraternal cooperation. 


According to the request from the Mongolian Defense department last June, disused engineering equipment to be transferred is expected to contribute to the economic development of Mongolia, used not only for UN peacekeeping operations of the Mongolian Army, but also for construction of national infrastructure.
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