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Korean Navy solidifies 60-year-long blood alliance with Turkey, ...

Korean Navy solidifies 60-year-long blood alliance with Turkey, our brother country




The Korean and Turkish navies put their heads together to tighten the blood alliance lasting for the past 60 years.


Both navies held the seventh Korea-Turkey Naval Meeting on June 24, for promotion of military exchange cooperation at the middle conference room, Navy Headquarters, Gyeryongdae.


The meeting was attended by approximately 30 naval officers from both countries including Vice Admiral Eom Hyun-seong, the vice chief of naval operation, and Vice Admiral Serdar Dulger, the chief of staff.


At this meeting, they discussed focusing on co-development planning through ▲ the present situation of the navy and plans for military strength, ▲ the exchange of operating forces and ▲ promotion of the conclusion of a mutual military supporting agreement.


They also held discussion about ▲ information and experience sharing of anti-piracy operations,  ▲ education for both countries' naval cadet exchange and expansion of fleet exchange for primary grade officers and  ▲ personnel exchange of high-level officers. 


Vice Chief Eom said, "Matters on which we made an agreement through in-depth presentation and discussion will be a steppingstone to development of a cooperative relationship between the two. Cooperation in anti-piracy operations is especially meaningful to improve international sea security cooperation."


After the meeting, the delegation of the Turkish Navy will move to Busan to pay respects to the UN Memorial Cemetery for Turkish soldiers in UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea(UNMCK), and visit our navy’s AEGIS destroyer and 214-class submarine, and then return to their home on June 27.


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