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UN Medal given to Dongmyeong unit for its perfect PKO performanc...

UN Medal given to Dongmyeong unit for its perfect PKO performance

The longest dispatched combat unit ever in the history of the Korean army's Peach Keeping Operation(PKO), Dongmyeong unit recently received the UN Medal, the highest honor allowed to the UN peacekeeping forces, for the unit's seven-year successful PKO performance in Lebanon.

Since 317 soldiers of the 14th Dongmyeong unit who are under the operation were deployed in February of last year, they have been perfectly performing their PKO missions including approximately 2,700 times of fixed surveillance operation and 120 times of Explosive Ordnance Disposal(EOD) reconnaissance given from the UN, without any safety accident so far.

The UN medals were awarded to 299 soldiers who carried out the mission for the first time, and ribbons to 18 who have dispatched experiences of PKO more than twice, at the medal ceremony held at the unit's camp.


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