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“The best private tutor ever”

“The best private tutor ever”


Airmen of the 8546 unit, ROK Air Defense & Control Command, support afterschool classes for elementary and middle school students in the islands area



“Soldier-teacher, you’re the best!”

On a biting, windy evening on December 5, in the youth study room located in Sagye-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, airmen of the 8546 unit, ROK Air Defense & Control Command, gathered to support studying and teaching for island students.

Eight elementary and middle school students were waiting for their soldier-teachers in spite of the cold weather for the coming final exams.

Lee Hyeon-chang, in first grade at Andeok middle school, said, “I’ve learned from soldier-teachers mainly math, but during the exam period, they teach other major subjects as well such as English and science. I am really glad to have one-on-one private lessons.”

The unit has conducted study support steadily for elementary and middle school students from low-income families since March 2005. Once there was a crisis and it had to be called off due to the unit’s circumstances; however, they are continuing the talent donation with enthusiasm for the study room.

Airmen call on the study room on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to help students, and the group of teachers is of the best quality. Selected four soldiers from famous universities are providing quality education for the youth who cannot go to the private educational institutes because of their economic difficulties.

These soldier-teachers include a licensed teacher for middle school, experienced tutor and university students from a college of education. The talent donation from these soldiers armed with exceptional competence and familiarity are on everyone’s tongue including the local community.

They teach math to eight students who struggle with it for an hour and a half every day from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Ko Min-Ah, in sixth grade at Sagye elementary school, said, “I‘ve been learning math from teachers, and I like them very much for being my friends and most of all, they don’t assign homework much.”

Holding a second degree regular teaching license, Airman First Class Kim Hui-Dong, said, “I am going to take a teacher certification examination. This experience will be helpful for me to teach students later.”

And Staff Sergeant Nam Mun-Hyun, who has been donating his talent since last June, said, “I have been teaching 23 students math so far. sometimes I feel tired because it is after my duty hours, but I’m so proud of a student thanking me with a mid-term test paper in his hand with a perfect score.”

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