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Navy’s PKG, Lee Byeong-Cheol Ham, placed in commission

Navy’s PKG, Lee Byeong-Cheol Ham, placed in commission

Admiring First Sergeant Lee’s spirit that protected his fellow soldiers and the vessel even as he lost both legs during the Vietnam War
450-ton class ship enhances its bulletproof function and improves survivability with stealth construction method



A ceremony for the Navy’s Patrol Killer Guided (PKG) missile, Lee Byeong-Cheol Ham, going into commission, was held at the Jinhae naval port, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, on the morning of December 3. Rear Admiral Park Ki-Kyeong, the commander of the 5th Navy Flotilla, made colors and reported the official Naval vessel at this commission ceremony conducted under his supervision.

The ceremony was attended by the bereaved family of the late First Sergeant Lee Byeong-Cheol, executives of Vietnam Veterans Association Korea, Naval commanders and sailors, around 150 relevant staff from acquisitional cooperation organizations including the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, etc., and from a dockyard.

The late first sergeant had joined the Navy in June 1949, as the 13th seaman recruit, and was a valiant soldier who protected his fellow soldiers and the vessel while he lost both his legs due to the enemy’s rocket attacks during the Vietnam War in April 1968. The government promoted him by one rank and awarded him the Chungmu Order of Military Merit, and he was discharged from service in November 1969. He died in 1989 at the age of 57.

Replacing a deteriorated patrol killer to carry out coast and port defense and patrol operations, this 450-ton class PKG with the length of 63m, width of 9m and maximum speed of 40 knots is able to embark around 40 crew members. It is fully armed with a anti-ship guided missile and 76mm and 40mm naval guns and is capable of anti-ship, anti-air and cyber warfare. Its bulletproof function for major sections of the hull has been also enhanced and survivability improved by applying the stealth construction method.

The commander of the 5th Navy Flotilla said, “We should block any attempt to stage an enemy provocation with a perfect defense readiness posture. We ought to make our best effort to have mental armament and tactics and techniques that allow us to fight against the enemy without moving back.”

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