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“GOOD” Civil-Government-Military-Police integrated operations ch...

“GOOD” Civil-Government-Military-Police integrated operations check against terrorist attack on core facilities



“Terrorism! Terrorism! Calling all the flying squad immediately!”

The artillery regiment of the 2nd Division recently held a counterterrorism and readiness posture training assuming a terrorism situation against the core facilities within its area of operations.

The training, for protecting the core facilities and human lives from terrorist threats, was conducted mainly with the connected operations among the civil, government, military and police.

Starting with the report of a bombing threat against the facilities, the intelligence analysis team of the regiment and the flying squad got to the scene of the situation promptly and went out to clear away the terrorists with the police and private security corporation that arrived right after.

For this training, not only the Explosive Hazard Cleaning Team (EHCT), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and CBR Rapid Response Team (CRRT), but also a strike force, fire engines and ambulances were dispatched to deal with various situations such as explosives cleaning, response to CBR, patient transfer, etc.

Meanwhile, a mobile satellite image group helped the command post respond rapidly by transmitting the field situation in real-time. The command post could make a decision through the real-time situation checks to remove explosives safely and suppress the terrorists completely.

“We were able to check out the integrated operations performance among the civil, government, military and police through this training. It proved that the military can offer support immediately when receiving a request for protection from the core facilities,” said Colonel Park Sung-Woo, the commander of the regiment who controlled the scene.

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