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Major Ko Seong-Ju selected as “Top Heligun” of the year and 505t...

Major Ko Seong-Ju selected as “Top Heligun” of the year and 505th Aviation Squadron as the best attacking helicopter force



“Top Heligun” of the year has been selected.

The Army held the “2014 Republic of Korea Army Aviation Shooting Match”, supervised by the Army Chief of Staff, Kim Yo-Hwan, at the main training ground, Army aviation operations command, located in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, on November 21.

As the top heligun, Major Ko Seong-Ju of 107th Squadron, the Air Operations Command, was selected, and 505th Aviation Squadron for the best attacking helicopter force, receiving the presidential prize. And Major Lee Jong-Won, 105th Aviation Squadron, received the Defense Minister’s prize, selected as the heligun, and for the best marksman by weapon, four airmen including Major Choi Jung-Muk were selected and received the Joint Chiefs of Staff prize.

From his father, a Vietnam vet, Major Ko had longed for an officer’s life since his childhood and was commissioned as a military officer in 2000. He finished the pilot training course with honors in 2001 and now, as the commander of the 1st Spearhead Squadron, 107th Aviation Squadron, he is carrying out a grave mission protecting Korean land, airspace and coast day and night.

“It is more know-how sharing with and unstinted encouragement and advice from commanders and fellow soldiers than my personal ability. I’ll make my best effort to be the elite Army aviation that wins a victory no matter what circumstances the enemy makes,” he said.

Meanwhile, the 505th Aviation Squadron, selected as the best attacking helicopter force, had prepared the match with the first priority goal that they improve pilots’ proficiency and cultivate good marksmen.

The commander of the 505th Army Aviation, Lieutenant Colonel Lee Sang-Chul, said, “We could earn this great result having confidence through constant studies, analysis of firing-relevant visual images and preliminary rifle instruction. We will not merely rest on this year’s performance but do our best to score equally well on every field next year.”

The match, held from November 7-24, was favorably received in that it threw the previous daytime and fixed flight firing to the wind and evaluated comprehensive firing ability in wartime with the application of day and night tactical maneuver and fire and the concept of nonscheduled assessment.

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