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16th Fighter Wing makes first successful trial flight of domesti...

16th Fighter Wing makes first successful trial flight of domestic fighter FA-50




”Domestic fighter FA-50 officially kicked off protection of the Korean airspace.”

The 16th Fighter Wing has successfully completed the trial flight of FA-50 after its initial receipt inspection on November 20.

As a final test for operating FA-50, the domestic supersonic fighter, the 16th FW conducted this trial flight, and it is expected to have an improved fighting force through the operation of the up-to-date domestic fighter.

Since the 16th FW has already been operating TA-50, the domestic supersonic trainer, the introduction of FA-50, developed based on T-50 series aircraft, is expected to improve the effectiveness of operational capability such as reducing a pilot’s training period for switching an aircraft model, ease of aircraft maintenance, and so on.

It can also cut the cost to develop new equipment as FA-50 and TA-50 are able to share a simulator, the ground training equipment.

“Beyond the simple fact that a domestic fighter and a trainer are operated by the same Fighter Wing, the operation of FA-50 will kill two birds with one stone – the effectiveness of operational capability and economical cost reduction. We will make our best effort to maintain combat readiness with FA-50,“ said Lieutenant Colonel Son Tae-Su, the commander of 202 Flying Corps, 16th FW.

Meanwhile, the 16th FW proceeded with a detailed inspection of 16 lines and 391 items, from the body of FA-50 to its components, for 11 days. There is ongoing receipt inspection for the additional adopted aircraft.

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