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“Block the North Korean provocation in advance … firmly punish t...

“Block the North Korean provocation in advance … firmly punish them when they provoke us”

“The best precautions, armed with a will of security”
The military held an highly intensive firing exercise on the northwest islands and the east and west coast



The government expressed its strong will of punishment against North Korean provocation at the fourth memorial ceremony of the artillery shelling of Yeonpyeongdo Island, held at Peace Plaza, the War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan on November 23.

Prime Minister Jung Hong-Won, in his eulogy for victims of Yeonpyeongdo shelling read by the Minister of National Defense, Han Minkoo, emphasized pardonless punishment for the enemy provocation by blocking its possibility in advance with a thorough security readiness posture.

He said, “North Korea crossed the northern limit of the West Sea last October and there was a gunfight around the Military Demarcation Line at the DMZ (demilitarized zone). Today’s security circumstances around the Korean Peninsula are very stern. We have to strengthen our resolve for security against North Korea’s constant provocation more than ever.”

He continued, “The artillery shelling of Yeonpyeongdo island is one of the worst provocations North Korea has committed since the ceasefire. We could clearly see that the war is not yet finished here in Korea and realize that we are standing face to face with an unpredictable enemy.”

In particular, the Prime Minister made clear the importance of powerful defense power that can protect us. Stating, “even in peace, it is dangerous to forget a war,” he said that a firm will of security is the best precaution to prevent armed provocation.

He also added, “There is no more valuable thing than sacrifice for the country and people. We should never forget the dedication of the fallen heroes who died protecting our homeland. We pay our respects to their noble souls and make the society in which people who devoted themselves to the freedom and peace in Korea are held in respect.”

The ceremony was held by the Patriots & Veterans Affairs with the topic of “Strong security, the base of peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula”. There were around 4,500 attendees including families of the deceased, major government figures, Marines, representatives of various organizations and citizens.

Meanwhile, there was an highly intensive Marine firing training held at the northwest islands on November 21.

At this regular training held by the northwest islands defense command, SPIKE, a guided weapon that is able to make a pinpoint strike to an artillery shell hidden in a mine, multiple rocket launcher and K-9 self-propelled gun were deployed.

First Sergeant Shim Chae-Un, 34, and Sergeant First Class Lee Wan-Seob, 31, who engaged in the Yeonpyeongdo combat, participated in this training. Sergeant Shim was a commander of the topographic group, 7th artillery company, and Sergeant Lee, a commander of the 2nd artillery group four years ago.

As fighting forces in Yeonpyeong unit have been reinforced and the need for seasoned military personnel is growing, they volunteered to stay without the slightest hesitation.

The Navy also had a fleet-to-air guided missile firing exercise on the east and west sea on November 20, the day before the Marine firing training, hit the enemy-assumed aerial target and shot down it.

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