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MAKRI names BTS leader RM honorary ambassador

The image of BTS is compatible with the efforts of MAKRI because BTS enhances national dignity

RM said, “I will actively promote the meaningful initiatives of MAKRI both domestically and internationally with a strong sense of duty.”

MAKRI names BTS leader RM honorary ambassador


RM (right), a member of the popular boy band BTS, who has taken on the role of honorary ambassador for the MND Agency for KIA Recovery and Identification (MAKRI), is seen with MAKRI Director Lee Geun-won after a ceremony held at Hyeonchung Hall in Seoul National Cemetery, situated in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, on June 1.


MAKRI has named RM (real name: Kim Nam-joon), the leader of BTS, the seven-piece K-pop sensation, as its honorary ambassador for National Patriots and Veterans Month.


MAKRI held a ceremony on June 1 at Seoul National Cemetery in Dongjak-gu, Seoul, to appoint RM as an honorary ambassador. The ceremony was attended by 100 participants, including MAKRI soldiers and “M Friends,” the Defense Ministry's online supporters. The event commenced with welcoming remarks from MAKRI Director Lee Geun-won, followed by the presentation of an appointment plaque and MAKRI badge. RM also shared a few words on his appointment, and there were photo opportunities. The appointment plaque featured the inscription “Bring them to the motherland,” reflecting the KIA recovery project's aspirations, according to MAKRI. The event was broadcast live on MAKRI's official YouTube channel to raise awareness about remains recovery efforts both domestically and internationally.


RM, as the honorary ambassador, will actively contribute to the promotion of KIA recovery and identification projects by utilizing his talents, including portrait rights and voice rights. In the past, MAKRI has appointed Prof. Seo Gyeong-deok in 2016, actor Park Ha-seon in 2018, actor Shin Gu in 2020, and the late Song Hae, a senior broadcaster with personal experience of the Korean War, as honorary ambassadors.


BTS has expressed their views on a range of social issues including racial discrimination, violence, and prejudice. Their influence was acknowledged through their address to the United Nations General Assembly and their visit to the White House. In recognition of their significant contributions, BTS was honored with the Order of Cultural Merit (Flower Crown), an award recognizing their impact on Korean popular culture, in 2018.


RM said, “The recovery and identification of KIA remains is a gesture of respect and gratitude towards those who made sacrifices to defend our country. I am proud and deeply committed to this important cause. Recognizing the significance of this national project, I will actively promote the meaningful initiatives of MAKRI both domestically and internationally with a strong sense of duty.”


Director Lee of MAKRI expressed his gratitude, stating, “I deeply appreciate RM for generously accepting the honorary ambassador position despite his busy schedule. With his support, we anticipate increased engagement in our endeavors and the heightened interest of individuals and families affected by the war.”

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