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All eyes turn to Seoul for 'Seoul Defense Dialogue 2020'

Seeking a solution for the international community to deal with 'non-traditional threats' due to COVID-19

 3 sessions for 3 days
 Covered the rapidly changing security environment
 Discussed Peace Process in Korean penninsula

 Attracted attention of the world's greatest scholars
 including Prof. John Mearsheimer, an authority on international politics
 and Prof. Kishore Mahbubani
 who has been selected as one of the world's 100 greatest intellectuals

All eyes turn to Seoul for

Starting on September 1, Seoul Defense Dialogue (SDD) 2020 is expected to focus on seeking a direction for the international community to respond to the non-traditional threats triggered by COVID-19. Under the topic 'New security challenges : Overcoming through solidarity and cooperation,' the meeting will focus on the global community's current concerns regarding non-traditional security threats. The first session, held on September 1, is entitled 'World order and international cooperation in the age of COVID-19.' Attendees will predict the coming changes in the international security environment, and seek approaches to solidarity and building cooperation between countries.

It is striking that for this SDD some of the world's greatest scholars are gathering together, including chair professor at Chicago University John Mearsheimer and National University of Singapore professor Kishore Mahbubani. Acknowledged as an authority on theories of international politics, Prof. Mearcheimer has advocated an approach of aggressive realpolitik, and is considered to be one of the greatest scholars who has a large influence in the international politics today.

Meanwhile, Prof. Mahbubani, former U.N. Ambassador for Singapore and a former chairman of the Security Council, is well-known as one of the most significant scholars in Asia, listed as one of the world's greatest 100 intellectuals in 2005 by Foreign Policy, the U.S. diplomatic and security magazine. In addition to these two, there are more panelists for the first session, including Sejong Institute director Baek Hak-soon, honorary professor at Seoul National University Yoon Young-kwan, and director of the International Strategy Institute at Beijing University in China Wang Jisi, among others.

The 3rd and final session will have the topic 'Peace Process on the Korean peninsula : performance, prospect and challenge' and will focus on an evaluation of the results of the peace process on the Korean peninsula, and the further challenges we will face in bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.

The 2nd session will focus on the topic 'Non-traditional security threats : the defense undertones.' This session covers how non-traditional threats such as infectious disease, natural disasters and cyber threats have an effect on national defense, and how to develop the military's reaction capabilities in these areas. Speakers at this session include director at the Korea Institute for Defense Analysis Noh Hoon, Sejong University professor Shin Dong-kyu, honorary professor at the International Research Institute for Strategy of Australian National University Hugh White, director at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in France Pascal Boniface and chief researcher at the International Health Center Thomas Cullison, as well as representatives the U.S. Center for Strategic and International Studies and other well-known non-traditional security experts.

Former US forces Korea commander Vincent Brooks to participate as well

Hosted by Wi Sung-lac, a former ambassador to Russia and visiting professor at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy, the 3rd session will feature many experts who have played an active role on the forefront of inter-Korea issues and the North Korea Nuclear problem, including director of the War Commemoration Service Society and former first deputy director of the National Security Office Lee Sang-chul, Cheongwadae, and former US forces Korea commander Vincent Brooks.

Other panelists will include professor at the National Defense University Han Yong-seob, professor at the Russian Diplomatic Academy Alexander Minaev, director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Central Party School of the Communist Party of China Fan JiShe, and high-level official at the Office for Disarmament Affairs Nakamitsu Izumi.

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