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Army Chief of Staff Seo Wook nominated as new Defense Minister

41st graduate of the Korea Military Academy, with vast experience in key posts
High degree of specialization in the field of combined and joint operations
Evaluated to have a peaceful personality, and a communication-focused leadership style

Seo Wook nominated as new Defense Minister

Army Chief of Staff Seo Wook has been nominated as the 47th Defense Minister.

During his August 28 briefing at ChunChugwan, official presidential spokesman Kang Min-seok said that President Moon Jae-in has nominated Army Chief of Staff Seo as the new Defense Minister. Candidate Seo will have a personnel hearing at the National Assembly to be designated.

As the 41st graduate of the Korea Military Academy, Seo has gone through a number of major military positions, including chief director of the operation center, commander of the 1st corps, commander of the 25th division, chief of operations at ROK-U.S. combined forces command, etc. and been evaluated to have a high degree of expertise in the field of combined and joint operations. Within the military, he is favorably reported as having a peaceful personality, a great approach to leadership and good communication skills with soldiers.

Spokesman Kang said, "Candidate Seo has a wide range of experience covering field operations and military action. He is considered to have a good understanding of President Moon's security philosophy and government projects, and is the right man to build up a strong army that people can trust, by proceeding with the transfer of wartime command based on the firm and strong alliance between Korea and the U.S., Defense Reform 2.0 and the civilization of national defense according to plan. With the depth of knowledge he has gained from 30 years of military service, we expect to maintain a solid military readiness posture."

He is the first candidate from the army this government has nominated as a Defense Minister. President Moon's very first Defense Minister was Song Young-moo from the Navy, followed by Jeong Kyeong Doo, the second Defense Minister from the Air Force.

In addition, Seo is the first Army Chief of Staff to become Defense Minister since the 40th Defense Minister Kim Jang-soo.

Meeting with journalists after his nomination at the Ministry of National Defense, Candidate Seo said, "I feel a great deal of responsibility. I'll do my best to make the people feel comfortable." With regard to his blueprint for the national defense, Seo commented: "I will follow President Moon's commanding orders to work hard to realize strong security and a responsible defense. Also, I will try to foster the military with the people, as the people's military, by cooperating with all three branches of the armed forces, all military personnel and army civilians of the Marine Corps and public officials."

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