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Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup states that North Korea's provocations will further strengthen the ROK/US Alliance

Minister Lee conducted an inspection of the Freedom Shield combined military exercise.


Visited the B-1 bunker and CP Tango of the Combined Forces Command

Urged dedication to realistic training and encouraged soldiers

Ordered the establishment of a “Fight Tonight” combined defense posture

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup states that North Ko

On March 15, while the Freedom Shield exercise was ongoing, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visited CP Tango of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command. He held discussions with CFC Commander Gen. Paul LaCamera who was present during the visit


On March 15, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visited the B-1 bunker and CP Tango of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command to inspect the 2023 Freedom Shield joint military exercise. During the visit, he motivated soldiers to remain dedicated to their duties.


During his visit to the B-1 bunker, Minister Lee commended the soldiers, stating, “I am pleased to witness your commitment to building a combat-ready and resilient military that never backs down from a fight.” He emphasized that training and practice are the fundamental responsibilities of the military.


He continued by acknowledging the physically demanding nature of the current 11-day exercise that is being conducted day and night. However, he urged the soldiers to remain dedicated to their military duties and to ensure that they participate in realistic drills that are in line with a posture of defense readiness. This, he emphasized, is essential for safeguarding the lives and property of the people.


During his visit to CP Tango of the CFC, Minister Lee was updated on the progress of the ongoing combined military exercise. He highlighted the key role played by the ROK/US Alliance in safeguarding the security of South Korea over the past seven decades, and he recognized the CFC as a symbol and foundation of the alliance. Minister Lee emphasized the importance of the CFC in maintaining a strong combined defense posture that safeguards the peace and prosperity of Korea and urged them to continue playing a pivotal role in the future.


Additionally, he expressed concern about the recent missile launches by North Korea, stating that they represent a significant threat to the peace and stability of both the Korean Peninsula and the global community. He emphasized the need to conduct exercises that are specifically designed to address such situations, and he stated that the provocations by North Korea will only serve to further strengthen the ROK/US Alliance.


Minister Lee acknowledged that the FS exercise is designed to address the evolving security environment, which includes the advanced nuclear weapons and missiles of North Korea, as well as the lessons learned from recent conflicts. He stressed the need to fully immerse themselves in the exercise to establish a robust "Fight Tonight" combined defense posture.

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