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Defense Minister promises to improve working conditions for junior officers

Minister Lee listened to opinions at meetings

Making policy direction public and identifying additional needs through communication

System overhaul promised to ensure soldier dedication to duties


이종섭 장관 “초급간부 복무여건 개선 적극 노력할 것”

On March 14, in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup welcomed junior officers during a gathering at the Army Club.

During a meeting, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup listened to the challenges faced by junior officers in the military and expressed his dedication to enhancing the conditions of their service.


On March 14, the Ministry of National Defense organized a meeting at the Army Club in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, where junior officers from different branches of the military were invited to attend.


Defense Ministry officials and high-ranking officers, including Director Kim Seong-jun of the Office of Personnel and Welfare, as well as the Deputy Chiefs of Staff for Personnel from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and the Marine Corps Chief of Staff, attended the meeting. Additionally, around 60 junior officers who were serving in field units were present.


The purpose of the meeting was to gather opinions from field personnel, including junior officers, to improve their service conditions. The Defense Ministry and policy makers from each branch of the military organized the meeting to explore additional policy needs


The event began with an introduction to the efforts being made to improve the service conditions of junior officers, as well as the major policies being pursued. The meeting also facilitated open communication between junior officers and the personnel responsible for implementing these policies.


During the meeting, Minister Lee expressed that the Ministry of National Defense recognizes the importance of improving the service conditions of junior officers. He further stated that the purpose of the meeting was to gather various views on enhancing the quality of life for junior officers, who are dedicated to serving the nation and its people. Minister Lee also emphasized that the Ministry would review and reform various conditions and systems to enable soldiers to focus on their primary responsibilities, such as combat training and preparation.


Prior to the meeting, Minister Lee had separate engagements with the crews and junior officers of Navy submarines on March 9, where they discussed ways to enhance service conditions. Additionally, on March 6, Minister Lee visited the Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy and committed to improving related systems to improve the quality of life for junior officers.


In an effort to enhance the service conditions of junior officers, who form the backbone of combat strength, the Defense Ministry made the decision to increase the short-term service bonus and allowance, salary class for sergeants, standard pay for performance bonuses for first lieutenants, second lieutenants, and sergeants, and staff duty fees to match those of government employees.


Additionally, the Defense Ministry announced its intention to collaborate with relevant government ministries to address issues such as the renovation of outdated Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQs) and ensuring that each junior officer has their own room. These measures are intended to promote the development of a robust, combat-oriented military led by junior officers.

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