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Established Fight To-night of the firm Korea-U.S. alliance


Established Fight To-night of the firm Korea-U.S. alliance



The ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Commander, Curtis M. Scaparrotti, visited naval operations command on February 6 and checked the combined operation readiness after hearing about the operational status. Commander Scaparrotti listened to the status of unit and operations at the operation command post with other major commanders and chiefs including Naval Operations Commander Jung Ho-seob and Commander of the U.S. Naval Forces Korea, Lisa Franchetti. “We should restrain provocation from enemies completely and be on the perfect Fight To-night to repel an attack in early stage,” said the commander.


Commander Scaparrotti also said, “As this Korea-U.S. combined training is the heart of the firm alliance between Korea and the U.S., we are going to expand the opportunities to have various combined trainings, and build up the perfect mutual teamwork and trust for improvement of combined operation capability at the same time."


Naval Operations Commander Jung said that we have thorough military readiness posture to powerfully respond to and destroy any threats including local provocation from North Korea. Following his words, Commander Scaparrotti visited the DDG-992 Yulgok-YiYi Ham, Korea Aegis ship of 7,600 tons, and encouraged sailors there.


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