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ROK-U.S. combined training will be operated as arranged

ROK-U.S. combined training will be operated as arranged


Related to North Korea’s request to discontinue the ROK-U.S. combined training under the pretext of a significant proposal, MND reaffirmed that there will be a KR/RE exercise as arranged since it is a regular defensive training.


At the regular briefing, MND emphasized the meaning of this training, saying that it was a defensive training to protect ourselves, and because it was for protecting our own land and our people, of course, we conducted the training in our land.


“North Korea asked to drop the slander against each other, but we have never done that so there is nothing to stop. The significant proposal North Korea made is an action that arouses controversy to make our people misunderstand,” said MND.


Prior to this, North Korea proposed to stop not only slandering each other but the hostile act from the 30th, this month, through the "significant proposal" that the North Korea Defense Committee, the supreme power, sent to us on the night of January 16.


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