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“Donation is a beautiful action that shares our history”

“Donation is a beautiful action that shares our history”


On January 21, the War Memorial of Korea announced that it had opened a "Donation Room" and would hold an opening ceremony on the 23rd, where the donations from individuals tell people about of hidden history and impressive stories.


This new donation room, with an area of about 820 square meters, consists of a Donor Hall of Fame, donated war relics of ancient and modern times, 6·25, this year’s donated relics, and an integrated image room.


The entrance in particular is decorated as the Hall of Fame with nameplates of donors to promote their honor and seek to spread the donation culture.


The War Memorial has been donated 13,228 relics from 889 people since it opened, and these vast quantities reach 40 percent of the total possessions, which are 32,681 pieces.


2,060 donated pieces are being displayed in a permanent exhibition hall, and visitors can view additional 2,044 pieces in the donation room.


The head of the War Memorial, Sun Young-jae, said, “Donation is a beautiful action that allows us to share the history of individuals as the history of us all. I hope all donors who donated precious relics to our donation room to feel proud and valued. With their honorable action, I’d like to ask more people to participate in this donation.”


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