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TTX applied with the 'customized deterrence strategy'

TTX applied with the "customized deterrence strategy"

Korea and the U.S. will hold a TTX (Table-Top Excercise) applied with "customized deterrence strategy" for two days beginning on the 14th, local time, in Hawaii.


“The 3rd EDPC (Extended Deterrence Policy Committee) will hold the TTX at the U.S. Pacific command in Hawaii. Discussion will include the customized deterrence strategy of the alliance against the nuclear threat and WMD (weapons of mass destruction) from North Korea and an application plan for extended deterrence through this exercise,” said MND.


Around 40 officials in the national defense, military, and diplomacy fields from Korea and the U.S. will attend this TTX, including the Korean Deputy minister for national defense, Ryu Je-seung, a U.S. Deputy undersecretary of nuclear and missile defense policy, Elaine Bunn, and of East Asia, David Helvey, as the chief representatives, respectively.


This EDPC TTX is going to be the first held since both Korea and the U.S. signed the "customized deterrence policy" at the ROK-US Security Consultative Meeting (SCM) in October last year. While the existing extended deterrence is a general concept providing deterrence such as nuclear umbrellas for the U.S. to protect an ally from its enemy’s nuclear threat, this customized deterrence strategy is an optimized and Korea-U.S. joint plan to be suitable for the situation in the Korean Peninsula.


The customized deterrence strategy contains non-military counterplans, such as diplomatic and economic means, as well as military ones including the nuclear umbrella the U.S. provides, Korea-U.S. joint conventional striking power, missile defense capability, combined exercise and training, etc.


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