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Returning thanks to a nation that participated in 6·25 Korean Wa...

Returning thanks to a nation that participated in 6·25 Korean War with medical treatment






A Columbian senior chief petty officer who had acute cholecystitis has become the talk of the town due to his successful surgery performed at the armed forces capital hospital.


On January 3, Castrillon Cuellar Mauricio, a petty officer of the Columbia Navy who was dispatched to Korea to take over our navy’s retired patrol corvette, felt extreme pain in his right abdomen and was having difficulty breathing. As there was no sign of improvement after seeing a doctor, it was confirmed that he had acute cholecystitis based on an ultrasound result at the Jinhae Marine Medical Center on January 7.


Petty officer Mauricio was immediately rushed to the emergency room of the armed forces capital hospital on that very night and underwent an approximately three-hour gallstone operation, and he is now on the mend at a room in the marine medical center.


“It was a small opportunity to return our thanks to Columbia, which protected Korea during the 6·25 Korean War,” said a capital hospital official.


Petty Officer Mauricio said, “Experiencing the high-quality medical services of the Korean armed forces hospital, I could greatly trust in them. I am doing well under the medical staff’s kind and warm care after the successful surgery.” And Lieutenant Colonel Cubillos Orlando Alberto, Mauricio’s commander, also showed his appreciation for the outstanding medical service and unwavering support of the armed forces capital hospital as well as the Korean military.


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