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Powerful leap of the most elite Boramae

Powerful leap of the most elite Boramae 


The 3rd Training Wing held a completion ceremony on May 16 for the 14-3rd basic flight education course conducted by Major General Kim Jung-sik, the training commander, and produced 59 Boramaes.

Those trainees have finished the nine-month basic course started in August last year and will take advanced courses for fighter and airmobile plane.

The training commander knotted the red scarf, a symbol of the pilot, around the trainees’ necks himself and passed along a request to have the attitude of learning about the basics and principles responsible for the future of Korea’s airspace and Air Force.

The representative of the completing course, First Lieutenant Kim Chul-min, said, “I was able to get rid of my worries and fears that I had in the beginning of the basic course thanks to the enthusiastic teaching of the pilot instructors, and now I feel much pride in myself as a pilot and confidence in flight. Not forgetting the basics I’ve learned here, I’ll do my best in the advanced course as well and become the Boramae who protects our airspace.”


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