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“The military strengthens monitoring and reconnaissance of combi...


“The military strengthens monitoring and reconnaissance of combined and joint training”


China-Russia Combined Marine Training at KADIZ partially included area until May 26

Related to China proclaiming a “No Sailing Zone” on May 20 where our KADIZ (Korean Air Defense Identification Zone) overlaps the East China Sea for the combined and joint training with Russia until May 26, MND said diplomatic and military actions were taken.

Defense ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said that the no sailing zone that China announced as an area for military exercise and firing exercise as well partially overlapped KADIZ and JADIZ; however, Ieodo being under our jurisdiction was not. He also said our military strengthened monitoring and reconnaissance for China-Russia combined marine training conducted in an area partially including KADIZ.

Related to specific military action, he said, “Air force planes and naval vessels have been placed at the scene since early today and radar in Jeju island focused its reconnaissance activity on the training area.”

“Also using a hotline between the Korean and Chinese Navy and Air Force, we secure safety for civil aircraft and ship operation as well as prevent accidental crashes between military aircraft,” said the spokesman.

He also added, “We’ve brought up an issue to China through a diplomatic channel and explained our situation. MND and MFAT summoned a Chinese officer and relevant Chinese Embassy official, respectively, to ask for advanced notification about the military exercise and no sailing measures conducted within the KADIZ.”

China started the “Marine Cooperation-2014” military exercise with Russia at the east mouth of Long River on May 20 and it will continue until the 26th.

Both China and Russia put two submarines, nine fixed and six rotary wing aircraft as well as eight Chinese and six Russian surface vessels, and carried out combined search and rescue, an antisubmarine exercise, vessel escort, shooting exercise and air defense training.


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