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“The key to success of safety”


“The key to success of safety”




Major General Oh Jung-il, the principal of the Field Artillery School, took the time to address safety management recently brought up as a social conversation topic with the U.S. specialist team.

The school invited the safety management team of the U.S. 2nd Division in Korea on May 16 and discussed plans regarding the development of military safety. Having an interest especially in safety management, it held the discussion to share know-how and knowledge with the U.S. safety specialists.

The safety management task force of the Field Artillery School, established earlier this year, attended the meeting and discussed development for safety management with the U.S. team.

Both Korean and American forces covered general areas related to safety such as the artillery school education system for safety management personnel, including safety management that is closely linked with the operational process.

The school gave an introduction of the all-around safety management policy to the U.S. team, such as the safety evaluation system before/during/after the education of trainees, while the safety management team from the 2nd Division provided information about its safety system including the mobile support team and educational support.

The principal of the school said, “Safety is the prerequisite of all the military activities as well as the key to success of victory. I have learned the advanced American safety system through this meeting and I‘ll keep trying to establish a more evolved safety culture by applying the system to the school and our army as well.”

Meanwhile, the school is going to hold a safety educational seminar on the 10th of next month for working-level officers in charge of safety in the upper class of school organization and division, so that other school organizations and fields can be informed of various experiences and know-how the school has developed.


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