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PRT shipped to Afghan completes its mission next month


PRT shipped to Afghan completes its mission next month


The PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) our government dispatched to Afghanistan to help reconstruction officially completes its mission next month.

“PRT activities from all over the world are coming to an end according to the handover of power to the Afghan government. Our PRT’s mission is also to be ended next month and there will be a local ceremony for withdrawal,” said a Foreign Ministry official.

Our government’s Afghan RPT started the official assignment in July 2010, with the aim of reconstruction of Afghanistan and moved into Charica base in January 2011, where a Korean independent base is located.

The government had operated several facilities such as a hospital, police training center, education and culture center, etc., and transferred them to Parwan province at the end of 2012.

Now, around 50 staff are operating the hospital and job training center at Bagram airfield, the U.S. base in Parwan province.


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