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Tracking and attacking antisubmarine … upgraded combined operati...


Tracking and attacking antisubmarine … upgraded combined operation



Korea-U.S. MPA (maritime patrol aircraft) strengthened and improved its combined operational capability through an exercise reminiscent of actual warfare.

Sailors of P-3, 611 squadron, 6th Air Wing, received CMPOP training with the sailors of P-8, CTF-72, U.S. 7th Fleet, on May 14.


CMPOP training, conducted since 2012, is a program to improve the Korea-U.S. combined operational capabilities of MPA and reconnaissance planes; it gathers information on targets of interest contacted on our operations sea area, constructs its sharing system, and acquires proficiency in monitoring and searching procedures for the enemy’s penetrating power that is already working or expected to work.


The training was started with a situation of penetration by an enemy submarine. Korea-U.S. MPA separated the altitude at the specific area and developed search, track and attack procedures for the antisubmarine.


The sailors shared information acquired through sound and non-sound surveillance equipment for the lower altitude and non-sound for the higher, and were trained in target detection and dropping of a torpedo.


Using EMATT (Expendable Mobile ASW Training Target), which plays a role as the enemy submarine, for the first time, they developed the ability to operate missions with this close-to-actual warfare training.


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