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American Army, admired the complete victory of the last bayonet ...



American Army, admired the complete victory of the last bayonet fight






The ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command held the 63rd anniversary of the 180 highlands battle at Osan Air Base on February 7. There were around 100 attendees from both countries, including commander,7th U.S. Air Force and 8th Army, commander ROKAF operations command, and the head of firepower, ground component command.


180 highlands combat is the Easy company of the 27th regiment, the 25th Division, and the 8th U.S. Army engaged in battle with around 400 Communist Chinese troops at 180 highlands on February 7, 1951, and motivated them to inspire the self-confidence that they needed to defeat the enemy in hand-to-hand battle. 


As his troops had been significantly demoralized with a sudden surprise attack from the Chinese troops, Captain Lewis L. Millet attached a sword to his gun and rushed toward the enemy’s position, displaying his bravery and fighting spirit to overpower the enemy through hand-to-hand battle. He became an example to his soldiers by taking the lead in an attack until he secured the highlands in spite of his serious wounds by shrapnel from a grenade. The 180 highlands battle is also recorded as the last bayonet battlefield in American history.


Captain Millet, who led the company, was awarded a medal for his distinguished military service and attended the anniversaries steadily after his discharge. He died in 2009 at the age of 88, becoming a hero to the legend.


“We will never forget the heroes who delivered a valuable victory to the UN,” said the head of firepower, ground component command, representing Korean-American military personnel.


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