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“I take the enemy in front of me no matter what the circumstance...

“I take the enemy in front of me no matter what the circumstances are”



The 3rd armored brigade held an Field Training Exercise (FTX) to prepare for local provocation on September 2.

Since July, the corps has been completing mission capability and posture of the brigade step-by-step by focusing on operational capability along with 100% of operational control personnel and equipment by battalion.

The corps conducted three tactical discussions since the first half of the year and improved mission capability of all the executives from beginning noncom to commander by enhancing education for executives such as the operation planning program and Command Post Exercise (CPX).

Moreover, there was demonstrative education for hand-held supplies at positions and training for building a strong point in the region by battalion and company to cultivate confidence for the soldiers.

The training areas were particularly selected by the brigade control, and it set up the circumstances with opposing forces so that the corps could enhance its real-time reaction capability such as interdiction line occupation, checkpoint operation and interdiction operations for enemy infiltration at night.

Lieutenant Colonel Jung Kwang-sik, the general staff for operations, said “We’ve improved our readiness posture to close operations rapidly under a local provocation situation. Based on clear awareness about the current situation, we will intensify our preparatory position to punish any kind of provocation by the enemy quickly and accurately.”


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