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Experiencing “Little Korea in the military” with every fiber of ...

Experiencing “Little Korea in the military” with every fiber of body “Go away fatigue!”



“Relieving training fatigue with Korean culture”

Air Force Operations Command(AFOC) provided an opportunity to experience Korean culture to American detached soldiers to Korea for Ulchi-Freedom Guardian(UFG), on August 29, to strengthen ties between Korea and the U.S.

At the Victory Party held after the training, AFOC installed and operated a Korean culture experience tent in front of the U.S. Army lodging. The event, supervised by AFOC and supported by the Korea Tourism Organization, was for American reinforcements who were about to return to their home soon after a hard two-week training.

The event program was composed of Korean traditional play such as Tuho, a top-spinning game, Jegichagi, etc., costume display of the Joseon period, Samulnori performed by the Air Force band, a video featuring an introduction to Korea and provision of booklets about tourist attractions and Korean dishes. The U.S. soldiers who participated in the event actively experienced Korean culture and seemed to be really happy from start to finish.

“I was sorry for my reinforcements to go back home just after the training in the country where we don't know if we will visit again or not, but it is great to have memories of experiencing Korean culture,” said First Lieutenant Jeremy Haynes who participated in the event.


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