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“Korean land my father missed all the time…”

“Korean land my father missed all the time




A very special guest visited Second Operations Command on August 28. Maureen Blanco, the daughter of the late Major Stanley May who was in 6·25 Korean War, visited the Army in place of her father.

Her father, the late Major May, made a contribution to establishing the foundation of the early Korean Army while he was serving as a councilor of logistics support directorate and 8th base depot, 2nd military headquarters, the predecessor of the present 2nd Operations Command, during his stay in Korea even after the war had ceased. It was said that he had always missed Korea, where he was so attached for six years, after he returned to his homeland in 1956. His most missed memory was operations command where he stayed last in Korea. Unfortunately, the late major did not get the chance to visit Korea once again and passed away on March 6 of last year, at the age of 95, and was laid to rest in Pennsylvania National Cemetery.

Ms. Blanco felt bad that her father had passed away without achieving his long-held wish and that made her decide to visit Korea by herself. With help from her Korean acquaintance Choi Soo-yeong and the Chicago Legion, she was finally able to visit the 2nd Operations Command her father had missed so badly while he was alive.

She brought with her a letter of appreciation from General Kang Mun-bong, the commander of the 2nd military headquarters, and letters and pictures that the late Major had kept.

General Lee Sun-jin, the 2nd Operations Commander, welcomed Ms. Blanco and said that people living today should remember this history. He also held a welcoming ceremony for her and conveyed a heart-warming commemorative frame.

“My father would have loved to see Korea making great progress, and the 2nd Operations Command. Thank you to all the soldiers who welcomed me,” said Ms. Blanco.


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