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Providing Peruvian Air Force pilots with a tour of Korean aircra...

Providing Peruvian Air Force pilots with a tour of Korean aircraft operating site


The Air Force provided four Peruvian Air Force pilots who will fly the KT-1P, a Korean multipurpose trainer, with a chance to observe our Air Force’s flight training with KT-1 and T-50 for four days, on August 14 and 20-22.


An export agreement for the KT-1 was signed with Peru in November 2012, and upon this opportunity, this touring event was arranged to support the Peruvian Air Force in force integration with KT-1P.


Prior to this, the Air Force had also been supporting KT-1 basic flight training and KA-1 tactical training for these pilots at Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) from April 2014 until this coming October.


Peruvian pilots visited the 3·1·8 Fighter Wing to watch our advanced flight training system using Korean aircraft and shared our experience and know-how through tactical discussion for force integration of KT-1P with Korean pilots.


On August 20, they visited the Air Force Safe Management Wing (AFSMW) and learned the Korean risk management computation system and our own safety management system that can effectively make a decision as to whether it is possible to conduct flight missions.


“Four days is a really short time to learn the Korean Air Force’s excellent flight training courses but I could understand how a great educational system and safety culture are important. Based on various experience I’ve gained through this program, I’ll try to operate KT-1P successfully,” said Major Christian, who belonged to the Peruvian 15th Wing.


By Seung-Bok, Lee

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