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Military culture innovation with conversation and mini-concert

Military culture innovation with conversation and mini-concert




201 Commando brigade invites the families of soldiers and holds great debate


The 201 Commando brigade invited around 1,000 family members of soldiers to the unit on August 23 and held an event for opening the unit combined with great debate to create an advanced military culture.


The event was arranged to relieve soldiers‘ parents and families who sent their sons to the Army and had been very worried due to what happened currently as well as to offer some time to soldiers to meet with their families.


The unit held the event on the weekend so that many family members could attend. Arriving in the early morning from all over the country, parents and family members checked in on how their sons were doing and toured the living hall, cafeteria, and facilities of welfare and convenience.


Then they had a conversation with soldiers and officers who were living in a unit of the living hall. They satisfied their curiosity by exchanging a variety of questions and answers related to military life.


In the afternoon, they came together and shared opinions for developing the unit and creating advanced military culture, and these opinions were collected through a conversation with the commander.


Kim In-suk, 52, the mother of Private Kim Yong-hwa, said, “I’ve talked to soldiers who live alongside my son, and my anxiety has gone. I’m really relieved now.”


Brigadier General Lee Jung-yong, the brigade commander who supervised the event, said, “I’m going to take care of my men to have them return to the bosom of their families in a healthier, more mature condition.”


Mini-concert with the families of the mobilization supporting group, 50th division

The mobilization supporting group of the 50th infantry division held a special concert at the garden of the commander’s official residence within the unit. It was a simple yet beautiful mini-concert held together with soldiers and their family members. And the unit allowed soldiers whose parents attended the concert to stay one night so that they could spend some pleasant time.


The concert included folk songs sung by executive members of the unit and saxophone music and a performance of the band, consisting of 11 soldiers. And Choi Ji-na a singer from Masan, Gyeongnam Province, and the mother of Sergeant Park Jin-woo, was invited to perform a song and she brightened up the mood.


Captain Lee Sun-ho, the training commander of the mobilization supporting group, said, “We have this mini-concert to provide an opportunity for soldiers to encourage one another in harmony.”


By Ah-Mi, Cho  

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