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Defend Jeju-do Combined Civil-Government-Military-Police counterterrorism training




Jeju Defense Command developed an actual training for the defense of Jeju-do, which boasts scenery beyond description, from terror and disasters.

As part of UFG training, JDC held the combined Civil-Government-Military-Police counterterrorism training at the International Convention Center Jeju and Jeju Stadium for two days, from August 19-20.

Six organizations JDC, police and fire stations, medical institutions and the Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - joined the training focusing on establishing the systematic cooperative system.

The training was developed under the situation assuming that enemy special forces kidnapped major figures and installed explosives at the International Convention Center Jeju, a private multi-use facility.

JDC and the police notified of the situation practiced procedures to immediately install counterterrorism agents and suppress the terrorists. After that, they continued lifesaving measures and decontamination due to an explosion of biochemical shells and explosives, fire suppression and recovery training without any breathing space.

They will conduct counterterrorism training with the Jeju Stadium as a stage on August 20, as they prepare for the National Sports Festival that will start on October 28. At this training, seven organizations including JDC, Jeju City Hall, police and fire stations will participate. Each organization plans to improve the joint operations capability by suppressing terrorists, rescuing hostages, response to fire and lifesaving training, etc.


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