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“Get to know the importance of the law”

“Get to know the importance of the law”




On August 11, the legal department of the Navy Headquarters hosted the 3rd human rights camp for children of naval officials who serve near Gyerongdae area.

Around 30 elementary school students from the third to sixth grade attended this camp to understand the principles of the constitution and cultivate a law-abiding spirit as well as a consciousness of human rights.

These children of military officials gathered in the legal meeting room and were educated about human rights, mainly through examples of things that we experience every day. There were various programs such as ’jury experience,’ ’OX Quiz,’ etc. with the subject of school violence prevention, through which the children became more familiar with the law.

Students then moved to Daejeon Family Court to have a conversation with an incumbent judge. Through wearing the judge’s robes and taking a facility tour, they learned that the law is not just hard and formal, but is also very close to our daily lives.


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