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Korea-U.S. draws development plans for combined sea operational ...

Korea-U.S. draws development plans for combined sea operational capability




The Maritime Patrol Aircraft Committee Meeting (MPACM) for improvement of Korea-U.S. combined sea operational capability ended in success.


The Navy 6th Air Wing held the 36th MPACM at Pohang base from June 23-25 for three days. The meeting was held according to the suggestion of the U.S. 7th Fleet CTF-72 when the Korean Navy introduced the P-3 Orion in 1995, and is supervised alternately by 6th Air Wing and CTF-72 twice a year.


Twenty-nine people including Rear Admiral Yu Seong-hun, a commander, and CTF-72 commanding officer Michael Parker attended the meeting held and supervised by the 6th Air Wing.


At the meeting, they had a heated discussion about five agendas such as ▲ improvements and countermeasures for Korea-U.S. combined maritime patrol  operation training, ▲ concept and process to run the U.S. maritime patrol aircraft against disasters, etc.


In particular, reviewing improvements and enhancements by the type of training identified during the last Eagle exercise, they achieved the desired result to strengthen the combined operation cooperative system. In addition, relating to the search operation of the missing Malaysian airplane and tragic Sewol accident, they examined the operating procedures of maritime patrol aircraft in accordance with disastrous situations.


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