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Korea and U.S. share tactics and know-how … MP's wonderful speci...

Korea and U.S. share tactics and know-how … MP's wonderful specialized exercise




The 1st Marine division successfully completed Korea-U.S. combined military police training, sharing combat skills and cultivating combined operation capability.


The division held the training at Suseong Shooting Range in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and surrounding urban combat ground beginning on June 9 to 20.


The training was attended by around 600 Korean and American military police from the division, the U.S. shore patrol and U.S. second army operations command, etc.


Based on basic training such as combat firing practice and guerrilla training, it was focused on not only sharing the U.S. MP’s doctrine, combat experience and tactics & techniques, but also improving criminal investigation during the war.


Korean and American military police have done well in this specialized training, which consisted of MP patrols, to obtain intelligence and hunt down rebellious elements, transportation to eliminate disturbances and/or threatening factors during mobile support, and acquisition of handling procedure for prisoners of war and civilian internees and so on.


They also improved their operation capabilities, running parallel with individual/crew-served weapon firing and maneuvers as well as guerrilla training.


They particularly developed the entire training as a case study for a situational exercise and shared tactics and know-how by exchanging a platoon with each other while controlling operations.


Both countries devoted themselves to prevention of safety accidents through a regular medical supporting system during the training and employment of a safety control instructor.


Moreover, MPs from the two countries broadened their mutual understanding with culture and history exchange programs as well as strengthened their bonds.


“It was good time to get a variety of combat experiences and tactics from the U.S. military police. I’ll raise our mission capabilities to the utmost level with continuous actual education training,” said Captain Son Chang-won, the company commander of MP.


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