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Immediate reaction to enemy’s provocation … the private sector, ...

Immediate reaction to enemy’s provocation … the private sector, government, military and police stood together


The biggest-ever corps-level operational plan training is under way in parts of northern Gyeonggi-do.  


The 6th Army corps spent five nights and six days in the operation area from June 13-19, taking part in operational plan training for developing integrated warfighting capability. Attendance included the private sector, government, military and police.


It is the largest-ever corps-level training, raising tens of thousands of military forces under the control of the 3rd ROK Field Army. They checked out their immediate reaction posture through aggressively conducting post defense against a variety of enemy provocations such as attempts at cutting wires of the front line, gunfire and shelling, and identification of small drones, readiness for action, occupation of the enemy‘s stronghold and unit increase training.


The training control station allows the training unit to search various efforts and plans for finding the enemy, with employment of equipment and opposing forces describing the actual enemy. 


The unit in particular assumed the situation that the command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) system and communication system were limited, and employed the force, reminding of actual war.


Captain Lee Hak-jun, the 2nd company commander, Eagle regiment, the 5th division, said, “It helped me get ready for action whenever and wherever war breaks out and improve my sense of actual fight. I’ll make sure to have the spirit to react against the enemy’s provocation immediately as well as a readiness posture through continuing training.”


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